How alcohol abuse affects relationships

Are you fed up with the drinking habit of your spouse? Has your spouse increased alcoholic consumption of late? Do you feel that your marriage is getting affected due to it? If your answer is “Yes”, you need to be proactive to save your marriage. Taking too much of alcohol is a sure sign that something wrong is happening with the person concerned. There are a few points that need to be mentioned here.

Communication breakdown with the spouse is one of the reasons why one tends to drink too much alcohol. A lot of people have tendency connected with not sharing their sorrows using spouse, owing to that they can start feeling unhappy. Eventually, such feelings produce frustration and enhanced alcohol consumption soon becomes an craving.

Another reason behind excessive alcoholic consumption can be the lack of intimacy in a relationship. Usually, after years of marriage, most people start taking their partners for granted, as a result of which there is a lack of sharing and caring between the two. This again brings about frustration that eventually brings about more alcohol intake. Let me show you a small tale…

My friend Jane spent my childhood years in a related situation. Her father was so much addicted to alcohol that she stopped caring for his family and Jane needed to suffer since she was a youngster. The main reason for her father’s dependency was her mother, who was a practical lady. She always used to be busy with the woman office work even throughout the weekends. In due lifetime of time, the communication gap between the woman parents widened. Her father utilized to feel lonely and depressed and that’s how he got addicted to alcohol. His addiction concluded in disastrous consequences and then led to breakup. Jane’s life ended up being spoiled…

Do you choose the same to happen with your family and kids? Needless to say, not! Therefore, if the partner has got addicted to alcohol, make guaranteed you give him/her sufficient time and reveal their feelings. Whatever the situation is, communication gap is the major reason behind a partner feeling lonely and trying to find out alternatives to feel comfortable.

Here is one quick solution for all your problems – “Communicate”. Ask your partner if he/she has any problem in personal or official life. If so, you need to be patient because such situations take time to get settled. Once your partner starts sharing problems with you, you can sit and talk about your relationship getting affected. Once the communication barrier breaks between the two of you, your problems are bound to get resolved sooner or later.